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Grinding Gear Games will be making significant changes to how Eldritch Altars work in Path of Exile when they roll out the multiplayer ARPG’s next major update. The update will reduce the rewards obtained from Eldritch Altars in general with maps, gems, unique items, and influenced items being removed entirely from its reward pool.

“Eldritch Altars are currently too rewarding, so much so that they create a disincentive for any out-of-map gameplay unless it is comparably rewarding,” Grinding Gear explained. “While it is fair to say that you can no longer min-max into rewards in such an extreme way, they will still be quite rewarding.”

The developers will also be adjusting Eldritch Altar rewards to discourage boss rushing and encourage players to actually take time to take down regular mobs. “Players currently have an incentive to skip past all regular map monsters and kill the map boss first,” said the devs. “The motivation for doing so is that Altars which offer rewards affecting the map boss are less desirable. By killing the boss first, you eliminate these options from your map altars, which makes them more rewarding.”

“This is one of those cases where the most efficient and rewarding gameplay strategy undermines the expected gameplay loop and encourages players to do things that aren't really fun,” they added. “We are making a few numerical changes to Altar rewards so that choices that affect Boss Drops or Influenced Monster Drops are more comparably valuable, though Boss Drop rewards will be slightly better on average than Eldritch Minion rewards.”

The developers will also be reducing the number of Influence Packs spawned in Eldritch maps and will be redesigning the Wrath of Cosmos keystone to be less challenging but also a bit less rewarding.

All of the above-mentioned changes are designed to force players to play Eldritch-Influenced maps the way they’re meant to be played and will be deployed alongside The Forbidden Sanctum expansion when it launches on December 9th on PC and December 14th on consoles.

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