Which Factions in the AFK Arena are the Best in 2022?

In the fantastic RPG game AFK Arena, you must defeat numerous foes. You can assemble a unique team and battle a persistent evil.

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There are 7 distinct factions in the AFK Arena globe, each with a distinctive degree of stability. This article is for you if you are new to the AFK Arena platform or have been playing for a while and like to create a new account.

The factions will be divided between default and unique factions for the sake of this article. Due to their high availability in shops and events and high pull rate in the Noble Tavern, the four default factions—Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders, and Graveborn—are the easiest to obtain.

Contrarily, the distinct factions include Dimensionals, Hypogeans, and Celestials. These different factions are powerful but expensive to support and forge.

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AFK Arena: What Is It?

In the fantastic RPG game AFK Arena, you must defeat numerous foes. You can assemble a unique team and battle a persistent evil.

In the portable game AFK Arena, created by Lilith Games, you command a squad of soldiers to defend the kingdom of Esperia against an ancient evil.

Excellent and straightforward instructions have been provided for AFK Arena. High-quality slideshows are used throughout the game. Additionally, you'll see that in various conditions, some small text packets appear to be incredibly at ease.

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The game's utilization of western drawing methods and artistic style works well together. Because of its layout, straightforward yet gorgeous appearance, and responsive user interface, this game is among the most frequently recommended.

The Top Best Factions in the AFK Arena

Let's now examine each faction in more detail.

1 - Default Factions

1 - Lightbearers

Heroes known as lightbearers spread goodness and light throughout Esperia while casting out evil. They are moral warriors who protect the realm in Dura's, Esperia's Goddess', honor.

The characteristics of the Lightbearers, as implied by their name, are those of light and goodwill. They are more technologically advanced than other sections, and heroes are skilled in using spells.

2- Maulers

Heroes known as maulers are known for their ferocious strength. Fighters that prioritize stability are known as maulers. Lightbearers created and ejected them. The two camps engaged in an impossible fight as a result.

Some Maulers are associated with the Hypogeans, while the majority are meant to defend Dura. Their intimidating, animal-like appearance sets them apart.

3 - Wilders

Due to their impressions of animals, Wilders and Maulers are relatively comparable. They disagree, however, in terms of morality and upbringing. Wilders is recognized for their tranquil demeanor and is associated with the heart.

Others are ethically wild creatures, while some resemble human people with animal parts. Some Wilders are melee heroes with various skills, while others practice witchcraft rooted in the forces of nature.

4 - Graveborn

In the AFK Arena, Graveborns are the representations of the dead and are captured for their heinous depravity. Their different compositions result from the prevalence of ghosts, corpses, skeletons, and uncanny-tested demons. Through dark magic and necromancy, the heroes of this part come back from the dead.

Except for their pursuit of immortality, the Graveborns have no known practical objectives toward other groups. They have no connection to the Hypogeans, and some Graveborns even view them as foes.

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2 - Special Factions

1 - Celestials

In the sky, there are illustrious heroes called celestials. They continued to protect mortals and work to bring peace to Esperia by carrying out the Hypogean's plans despite the Goddess' death. They had Dura installed right away.

They are gods, some of whom have roots in other historical traditions. The appearance of Celestials in white and gold attire is another characteristic.

2 - Hypogeans

The game's primary antagonists are hypogeans, albeit they are always playable. The God of Death Annih used his blood to create them. Their characteristics range from being dubious to mind-controlling. The main goal of the Hypogeans is to conquer Esperia land, spread evil there, and destroy Dura's goods.

The Celestials are despised, and they wish to be defeated. While they aim to beat everyone who supports Dura, some see them as a means of turning mortals into Hypogeans. Typically, they are made up of dark violet and crimson colors and funnels.

3 - Dimensionals

Heroes known as Dimensionals appear from a rift in spacetime, allowing them to enter Esperia's dimension. Given that they are from various shows or games, they complement the game significantly. Players are excited about the cooperation, especially if they are fans of the collaborator.

Since Lilith begins a brief event when they release the hero, dimensional heroes are relatively simple to acquire. In this case, purchasing just one copy of the hero requires weeks of resource-intensive labor.

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Final Thoughts

The advantages and disadvantages of each faction in AFK Arena may come from the faction's effectiveness or expense. But making the proper decisions will save you a lot of time spent playing and money on investments. Please think about them and make your AFK Arena outcomes enjoyable.