Another problem is the frequentity of database saves across the world

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"We reached out to our third-party partners for help and assistance," PezRadar said.Ironically, it seems that Blizzard's determination to provide the authenticity of Diablo 2 experience in the remake is the primary cause of all these headaches D2R Ladder Items. One "legacy service" in particular handles critical functions including "game creation/joining, updating/reading/filtering game lists, verifying game server health, and reading characters from the database."

It has been upgraded and optimized for Diablo 2: Resurrected but it's still built on 20-year-old technology and has difficulties staying up to date with "modern player behavior."

"In 2001 there wasn't as numerous websites about learning how to play Diablo 2 'correctly' (Baal plays for XP, Pindleskin/Ancient Sewers/etc for magical finds, etc.)," PezRadar said. "Today the beginner can find any number of amazing content creators who can teach them about how they can play in various ways.

Many of them including lots of database load as a result of creating loading, dismantling, and even destroying games at a rapid rate. Although we knew this was possible--with players creating fresh characters on new servers, striving to find their magic-finding items--we vastly underestimated the scope we derived from beta testing."

Another problem is the frequentity of database saves across the world, which happen often and without reason. Blizzard has made some adjustments in order to reduce the frequency of saves at present and is looking to implement a more permanent solution, but it's quite a while before it's ready because it's "an design overhaul that takes time to create, test, then implement."

At present, Blizzard is taking three steps to help improve the accessibility of Diablo 2: Resurrected more effectively accessible. Rate limit this will place the limit on how rapidly and frequently players can make and join games; the creation of a login queue modeled after MMOs to Cheap D2R Items ensure servers aren't smashed by large numbers of simultaneous logins. Also, dividing critical functions into smaller services.

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