If they just gave us mad power in there where

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The second fact is that they're doing it on WOW TBC Classic Gold purpose, they intentionally withhold QOL changes and obvious improvements so as to artificially extend gametime and enhance performance metrics without needing to create new content but rather just making present content take longer.

It's not only courses, but it is everything. Gotta make that new healthy portion with the new peace blossom along with the brand new vial. What's it gonna look like? Oh it's a red bottle with some gold shit onto it or something.

I remember in Legion when I first had this notion. I'd been frustrated with the feeling as I was wasting time at WoD (I chalked that up to coming in late and needing to'catch up'). Two months into Legion I was playing together after the story in Legion and suddenly to last a questline I had to do a mythic dungeon of a particular difficulty. My guild wasn't all that organized at the time and PUG'ing mythic was a pain. It was not supposed to be a casual encounter.

It sucks because I remember when they executed raid finder for a means of generating lower difficulty content so people might have the story without needing to be more of a'hardcore' participant. Suddenly fundamental outdoor quests required competitive content.

It had been an un-ashamed, blatantly made step meant to stop my progress in undergoing the story. I got it done after two days of attempting while doing other things, but two weeks after I stopped logging in and have not looked back since.

Once I died in Torgast due to a random assassin debuff item I logged out for the last time. All this anger to just get 10 min of narrative. It is better for the mental health to just watch some YouTube summary or walkthrough. WoW just isn't something for a casual such as me.

I switched to ESO. It is not perfect, but at least I could have as much story as I want in my own pace along with the dialogs are even voice acted.

If they just gave us mad power in there where we mow down groups it wouldn't be quite as bad. Rather it's mostly crap, a couple that are crap if you don't get the right two or three abilities, and a few more thay are great. Nothing really spec altering either.

The crazy part about WoW for me personally is that the use of the PTR to test expansions and patches using players. It's essentially free labor by gamers. I know that Torghast in the alpha was very popular with pretty much ever WoW content creator I followed. Yet they instead carved out the majority of the fun bits, forced players to cheap WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold undergo it for yet another currency, and then had to go back and nerf it since they'd added in arbitrary affixes that were very unpopular.

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