Singapore Airlines Pet Policy: Traveling with Your Furry Friend

At Singapore Airlines Booking, dogs and cats must weigh less than 6 kg (13 lbs.) each or they won't be allowed on board as checked by Singapore Airlines Baggage. Singapore's carrier also requires travelers to make Singapore Airlines Reservations for their furry companions—reg


If you are traveling with your Singapore Airlines Pet Policy, it’s important to know what the airline’s rules are in order to avoid any hassle or delay. After all, you want your furry friend to have a safe and comfortable journey, just like you do! From booking your dog’s ticket to making sure your kitty carrier meets the requirements, read on for everything you need to know about Singapore Airlines pet policy before jetting off with your little one.

Are you ready to travel?

If you’re traveling with a Singapore Airlines pet policy, it’s vital to start preparing well in advance. Each airline has its own rules and regulations when it comes to transporting animals, so make sure you carefully read over your airline’s policies before booking your flight. Some airlines have weight restrictions and require that pets be created during takeoff and landing; others have designated breeds that are allowed onboard. At Singapore Airlines Booking, dogs and cats must weigh less than 6 kg (13 lbs.) each or they won't be allowed on board as checked by Singapore Airlines Baggage. Singapore's carrier also requires travelers to make Singapore Airlines Reservations for their furry companions—regardless of whether they're flying in cabin or as cargo—at least 24 hours before departure.

Finding the Right Carrier

As one of a few pet-friendly airlines, Singapore Airlines has very specific and strict rules about what can and cannot be brought on a Singapore Airlines Pane. For example, dogs need to be at least 15.5 inches tall and all cats need to weigh less than 10 pounds, ensuring all pets are small enough to safely travel. As far as carriers go, you’ll have several options that depend on your pet’s size (and will limit some breeds). Cat owners can choose from a soft-sided carrier that opens in front or top load carriers like ones used for dogs. With so many rules and regulations surrounding traveling with pets, it’s important to find an airline that fits your needs and make sure your animal is safe on its journey.

Bringing Food Along

The owner and passenger of a pet must be at least 18 years old. The owner is responsible for ensuring that all laws, regulations and rules related to traveling with pets are followed during travel. Certain types of animals can’t be transported by Singapore Airlines (SQ). These include non-domesticated birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians or insects. Passengers should contact SQ prior to travel to ensure they adhere to international regulations regarding live animal transport and any applicable local regulations regarding importation of pet animals. Food must be carried on board in leakproof containers in compliance with International Air Transport Association (IATA) Regulations.

Expectations of Flying with Singapore Airlines Pets

Singapore Air is known for its five-star service, and it only gets better if you’re traveling with a pet. The airline is among a small group of carriers that still allow pets to travel in passenger cabins. It might be a cramped trip for your beloved pooch, but Singapore Airlines will make sure he/she feels right at home. The airline offers two types of service: Cargo Liner and Singapore airline premium economy Cabin (where your pet will ride under your seat or in an empty row). When flying in Economy Class Cabin, keep in mind that it must fit completely under your seat or on your lap, so larger breeds won’t be able to take advantage of economy class.

Tips for Flying With Your Dog/Cat

So you're looking to take your dog or cat along for a plane ride. It's perfectly legal, as long as you follow Singapore Airline pet policy. Here are a few things to keep in mind before flying commercially with your furry friend. Follow these tips and make sure that both you and your furry best friend have a safe, happy trip.

Singapore Airlines Pet Fee

If you plan to travel with your pet, please check out Singapore Airlines Website to find out all of their rules and regulations regarding pets. If you don’t want to read every word on their website, here is a quick summary of what you need to know. First, all pets must be at least 8 weeks old, properly vaccinated and accompanied by a health certificate issued not more than 10 days before departure. The carrier must be leak-proof and small enough for your pet to stand in it naturally (cats require special accommodations). The carrier must also have proper ventilation that allows for two air changes per hour. Lastly, note that there is an extra $50 fee on top of normal ticket price when traveling from Singapore Airlines Flights or SilkAir in Singapore airlines business class.