Received Google verification code without requesting it

If you want to know about google voice verification code scam. Then this blog is for you. So, read the shared blog till the end.


Ideally you are not supposed to receive Google voice verification code without asking as this could be a sort of fraud. If you are worried about the same then you do not need to as in this blog we are going to talk about the same. 

Why are you getting the verification code without even asking for it – 


  • First and foremost reason for getting Google verification code could be that someone has by mistake entered your phone number and that is why you are getting the code. 
  • Another possible reason could be that someone is trying to hack your account or is trying to access it then you are getting the code or if someone is also changing any information of your Google account then also you will get this notification so you need to be sure of not to do this and for Google voice verification code scam fix do not provide anyone with the code you got. 
  • If you yourself are trying to change the phone number or email address of your account then also you will receive the code. 


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