How to recover forgotten Netflix password?

Netflix is by far the most dominant OTT platform on the planet. The wide variety of content that the platform has in store for users gives it the edge over other OTT platforms. It is pretty easy for users to log in to their Netflix account, simply enter the correct details and you are in.


Simple, right? Well, not according to some people as they tend to forget their password easily, often leading to severe inconvenience. In case you are one such user, follow the blog till the end to know how to recover the forgotten Netflix password in 2022.

But before we get into that, one should try to remember the password as users generally come up with easy and simple passwords for their accounts. It can be related to a show, a movie, or even a character for that matter. But if nothing comes up to mind, sadly you will have to go through the password retrieval process. 

Let us take a look at how one can recover a Netflix password with ease.

How to recover Netflix password

One can begin by making good use of this link to head to the login help page of Netflix,, and click on the option of need help that is just below the log in fields.

From there, you will simply need to enter your email address and hit the "email me" button. Following this, an email will be sent to you with the password reset link in it. Create a new and better password for your account.

And just like that, it is done. That is all one needs to do to recover their Netflix password. 

How to avoid forgetting the password for your Netflix account

Keeping simple things in mind can help users to avoid the "I forgot my Netflix password" scenario with ease. Nobody wants to go through the same issue twice which is why it is important for users to make good use of a password manager. 

With the use of these, one can create strong and easy-to-remember passwords that are safeguarded behind one master password. Further, this eases the load on you to remember different passwords for different platforms as you will only need to remember a single password to get the job done without much fuss.

In case for some reason, you don't like the idea of using a password manager, you can try to copy your password someplace safe so anytime you forget about it, you can simply access the password from the very same place.