Aggressive or plain rude

Not-sales" list of your strategies if they are too aggressive or plain rude.


 Do: Set your budget beforehand

 It is important to set a budget before you start looking for art. weddingup wedding up Website 

 Shipping costs can be as high as thousands of dollars based on the extent of the project. Some

 Outdoor sculptures may need to be maintained every year, which is why it's worthwhile to get an idea of the potential cost. joyfulwedding joyful wedding Website 

 Once you've decided on a price point you're comfortable with, conduct some market study. There are plenty of art auctions on the internet.

 This page includes published prices so you can get an idea of the price of each piece. Artwork Archive's Discovery portal, Artsy and Artspace are accessible for browsing. finallaw final law Website lawprofessional 

 1stDibs, Platform, and many other options are only a few.

 Don't ask for an offensive discount, or try to remove the gallery.

 You can negotiate prices up to a point.

 Major museums and collectors are entitled to 20% off. Excessive haggling can reflect badly on you and result in an "do" to the museums and collectors. law professional Website lawsure law sure Website

 Not-sales" list of your strategies if they are too aggressive or plain rude.

 Don't try to purchase directly from an artist who is represented by a gallery. This puts the artist and their gallery in a bad position.

 It could damage their professional relationships and your reputation with dealers, which can affect your ability to buy work.

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