Madden 21 Week 7 midseason ratings update

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When we started the 8th week of the 2020 NFL season, Madden 21 released a "massive mid-season ratings adjustment" in its week 7 roster update. Here are some players who have received a raise. If you choose to buy MUT 21 Coins, you can easily get these players.

With the ratings update of "Madden 21 Week 7", Madden Twitter account boasted that this was a "big change in ratings". Needless to say, the comments on this post are full of disagreements-this is usually the case for rating updates. The Madden 21 team or any sports game developer related to this cannot win the support of the supporters because the supporters have opinions on the evaluation of certain players.

However, because they are paid for this, the Madden team can be reviewed. How will the roster of "Crazy 21" be updated in week 7? The big winner is Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Tannehill (Ryan Tannehill). After leading the Titans to a 5-1 start, Tannehill has the best performance of his career, with a TD to INT ratio of 15:2. Tannehill's release rating was 80, dropped to 79 in the second week, and rose to 83 in the sixth week, and received a score update of 5 OVR points, which brought his OVR to 88. When Tannehill goes up, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson's rating goes down. In week 7, his score dropped to 92 OVR. But in this year, this is a total of 2 points lower than his 94 release ratings. Through six games, Jackson's TD to INT ratio is 10:2. However, since last year's playoffs, his game has not exceeded 300 yards.

The pirate TE Rob Gronkowski has performed very well recently, which is why he scored 1 point on OVR in Week 7, which brought his score to 86. But he started with 95 OVR at the time of release, which means that the Madden 21 rating team greatly overestimated him. He dropped 9 points from the launch. But what about two young QBs like Kyler Murray and Josh Allen? Both of their teams were successful and both performed well. Since its launch, Murray has improved by 2 points from 77's OVR, while Allen's 77's OVR has increased by 5 points.

With the weekly ratings update, the ultimate team of players is also growing. If you want to get top players, you can buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins to enhance your economic strength in the game.